Ceramic EM grey pearls with efficient micro-organisms

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Improve the quality of water by dynamising it, reducing clusters in water (amalgams of various elements in water),  emit far infra-red waves (FIR) compatible with human tissue resulting in our body's well-being (bracelets with EM ceramics) , reduces limescale deposits, allows better preservation of food and reduces odours.


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Grey pearls give water the qualities of living water (river water) and improve its taste. As they emit far infra-red FIR waves, they can also be used for our well-being as a bracelet or necklace.

Redox studies have shown that the use of EM-X® GOLD ceramics increases the antioxidant power of the treated substances and decreases the deposit of limescale (the latter varies depending on water where you live).

Inventor: Teruo Higa, Professor at Ryukyo University, Okinawa, Japan. Products sold only by official retailers displaying the "EM Authorized Reseller" logo.

- Composition: Fermented clay with effective micro-organisms (EM) in anaerobic (airless) conditions.  Kibushi clay, EM = Effective Microorganisms

- Manufacture: Mixing of clay with EM preparation, fermentation for several months, shaping and firing at 1200-1300°C in a reducing atmosphere. After firing, the ceramic contains only the imprints of EM microorganisms.

- The EM preparation is composed of 3 groups of micro-organisms: yeast, lactobacilli, phototrophic bacteria (all of which support vital processes)

- Kibushi clay contains millions of years old plant substances.

In EM-X ceramic the many characteristics of the effective micro-organisms are preserved. Probiotic product.

Can be used in a water jug, the kettle, fruit bowl, a vase, in the refrigerator, dish-washing machine, washing-machine, the bath tub, the toilet reservoir, or watering plants, washing fruits and vegetables, in the pool, for horses' and dogs' drinking water, in the aquarium.

Clean well once a month with pure Wipe & Clean and brush off any film that may have formed, rinse. As long as they are not damaged they can last for as long as 10 years.  Please check delivery delays for large quantities.


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