Probiotic sanitizer, EM Clean, 2L to dilute

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EM Micro-organism sanitizer, EM Clean, 2L to dilute


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A UNIQUE product that keeps clean and sanitizes for a healthy home; 100% natural based on EM (Effective Micro-organisms) probiotic technology (former Wipe & Clean)

EM Clean is to be diluted from 1% to 10% in cold to slightly warm non-chlorinated water.

Against Covid-19: spray your mask with EM Clean (20-30% dilution in chlorine-free water) to improve the air you breathe in the mask. To avoid frequent washing after using your mask, spray again with EM Clean.

The 20L canister cannot be delivered in a relay point; 250L cubitainer on estimate, tel 0033 (0)476 060 999 or

An anallergic product, neutral for people sensitive to smells and chemicals.

It offers you an ecological, highly efficient cleaning power, but at the same time it is harmless for nature, man and animals; moreover after washing, the water containing EM Clean can be used to water the plants.

Hygiene is becoming more and more important in our daily lives and workplaces.  EM Clean ensures a healthier environment by offering you an easy and natural solution to keep your workplace spotlessly clean, for a healthy home.

Many uses but only one product.

No need to rinse; works during and after washing to maintain a healthy environment.

- Suitable for all hard and waterproof surfaces such as glass, mirrors, plastics, enamel, porcelain, stainless steel, natural stone, ceramic tiles, lacquered wood. As well as for general maintenance as for cleaning sanitary facilities, toilets, kitchens.

- Replaces fabric softener in the washing machine (10 to 30ml in the fabric softener compartment) and the rinsing liquid in the dishwasher

- EM Clean can replace 1/2 to 2/3 of your eco-friendly detergent

- Allows you to clean horse boxes and kennels, blankets, saddle pads and other materials in the stable

- Replaces horses' shampoo, regenerates skin flora: dilute at 1% in water without chlorine and massage your horse; do not rinse. Protects and regenerates the skin flora.

- Can be used in high pressure cleaners and professional cleaning machines.

- Absolutely safe and environment friendly.

- 100% natural.

- No additives or dyes.

- No chemicals or products harmful to nature.

- As the sanitizing action continues in the sewer and drainage system, the risk of clogging is reduced and unpleasant smells disappear.

- Little wear and tear on the cleaning equipment.

- When stored at room temperature, has a minimum shelf life of one year

- Naturally creates a fresh and pleasant environment.

- Eliminates the cause of smell thoroughly and permanently.

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Nouveau: un KIT pour faire son savon à partir d'huile de cuisine usagée composé de : un bidon d'EM Clean, de soude caustique, de poudre de céramique et d'un seau de 11L.

Results from an independent laboratory show that EM Clean is very effective on the hygienic level, compared to traditional detergents.  Controls were made on the presence of E.Coli and Staphylococcus aureus.  E.Coli is not a pathogen in itself but its presence is a reliable indicator of general hygiene.  In all three test environments the number of these two bacteria decreased. In addition, a significant growth of regenerating microorganisms (e.g. lactobacilli) was observed. This implies the creation of a healthier microbial climate.

Product information :

Composition : Water, lactic bacteria, yeast, less than 5% anionic surfactants: alcohol, lactic acid, acetic acid, propionic acid.

EMRO certified

Instructions for use :

Please dose at 10% for 100ml = 1 tablespoon. For example, for our special EM Clean spray 300ml: if you want to dose at 10% you need 3 tablespoons, or 30ml. For floors from 5 to 10%. For regular maintenance of windows, from 1 to 2%; or up to 5% if necessary. Shake the sprayer before use. Once diluted, use within a week. Use chlorine-free water, either from a purifier or let the tap-water stand in a jug or bucket (depending on use) for 48 hours. EM Clean does not foam; spray on the surface, leave for 2 to 3 minutes and sponge off, no need to rinse. After drying the surface of the sink, washbasin, or shower is clean and the product continues to do its beneficial effect. Wash your floor by diluting 50mL in 10L of water; no need to rinse. You can use the water to water plants.

* Allows to wash the car, the edges of the swimming pool, terraces, garden-tools, garden furniture.

* Replaces fabric softener in the washing machine: 10 to 30ml.

* Replaces the rinsing liquid in the dishwasher.


The softening and vitalizing effect is a natural alternative to chlorine for fresh, soft and healthy water.


For small pools or jacuzzis, we recommend 1 kg of EM ceramic per 1000 liters of water. Place the EM ceramic in the filter system. For larger volumes of water, 100g to 200g of EM ceramic is used per additional m3. For example, for a 10 m3 pool, the amount of EM ceramic is 1.9 to 2.8 kg.


Supports the microbial balance and hygiene.

The starting dose is 1 liter of EM Clean and 50ml of EM Photo+ for 1000 liters of water. Later on that depends on the temperature, how often the pool is used, the presence or absence of a cover against weather influences, etc.

A monthly contribution of 50ml of EM Photo + 1L of Microferm or EM Clean/m2, 10 times a year from March to November.

Tip: If necessary apply more frequently, but do not increase the dose.


Below 10°C = 1 liter of EM Clean for 10 m3 every 2 months

Between 10°C and 15°C = 1 liter of EM Clean for 10 m3 per month

Between 15°C and 25°C = 1 liter of EM Clean for 10 m3 every 2 weeks

For higher temperatures, it is recommended to apply 1 liter of EM Clean per 10 m3 per week

CAUTION When using effective micro-organisms in a swimming pool or jacuzzi, one cannot expect to obtain water as clear as when using chlorine. However, the water remains fresh and in a microbial balance (more or less self-cleaning) without the disadvantages of chlorine for your skin, your health and the environment.


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